Bar Options

1. Cash Bar - each guest is responsible for purchasing his or her own drinks.

2. Open Bar – The main client (you) is responsible for paying for the drinks that guests at the party order. This can be limited by:

a. Time frame
b. Total budget
c. Cost per drink
d. Type of alcohol served
e. Any combination of these

3. Drink Tickets – The main client will be provided with a number of drink tickets and hand them out. The bartender will exchange a ticket for a requested drink

a. Type 1 – We can provide a limited bar including: “call” liquors, one of our 185 bottled beers or drafts, or house wine. These tickets are 5.50 + tax & gratuity.

b. Type 2 – The ticket has no limitation and can be exchanged for a drink of the customers choosing. Type 2 tickets are charged for at the rate of the drink ordered each time.